..: How to use the form :..
This page is intended for receiving QSL for Kilo Mike members. 
This form only works in one way 
- To receive E-QSLs during National & International contact contact, the KM member will only need to provide this adrss: https://kmfr.ovh/
The contact will have to fill the boxes of the form and send, the group this charge to forward to the address of the member Kilo Mike concerned. 
then member Kilo Mike, will reply to the email address that the contact has filled in. 
P.S: there will be no follow-up if the recipient is not KMxxxx 
..: The form is composed of 3 parts :.. 
most of the boxes to fill are required
Part 1:
(in order by pressing the Tab key)
A- Date: Day/Month/Year and Time 
ex: "01/02/2019" - "12.38"
B- Your e-mail, in order to have an answer
C- Radio & Signal received
D- Your call sign
E- Your QTH during contact
F- Call frequency
G- FM / AM / USB / LSB / PMR mode
H- The frequency of QSY
I- Your transmitter / receiver
J- Your microphone
K- Your operator name
L- Your Antenna
M- Your emission power
Part 2:
1- The code of the KM member contacted "14KMxxxx" 
2- little personal message for the KM operator 
3- His operator name 
4- His QTH 
Part 3: 
5- Choosing the QSL image to attach (2 images)
.JPG or .PNG image only, max 1 MB
6- The captcha (write the visible letters that appears 
7- Cancel button to delete, Send to Send